Podemos ponernos a trabajar sobre determinados sonidos etc.. There are many ways of working. Central Park es el nombre del show que conducen todos los martes de 22 a 24hrs junto a Rösh, donde ponen de manifiesto el concepto que compone su particular universo sonoro. Bienvenido a , Visitante. How do you see the house scene in Spain?

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Once he said something as simple as that “this is work. Over thirty published papers backing his experience, his continued success issue after issue, confirm their quality. Hay que trabajar, no es sólo hacer una buena sesión un día, o de repente lanzar un buen disco. Simón García – Shaker: What do you think of the loops? We are not obsessed with making the hit, but have in mind is possible and not lose sight of this perspective.

How we divided the work between the 2? In general, this confrontation is good, 2 are very demanding with the sound, and we are very demanding with the result.

Con constancia, con esfuerzo con trabajo… procurando mantenerte siempre dentro de la escena. From this we develop more items to have something solid.

We would like simmon take this petado synthesizers, but the reality is, we live for music and each appliance must be profitable. There are a lot of stamps that are doing interesting things, such as stamps BeatFreak are pulling out of the country music an the thing going. There are many stages, when there is little creativity there is drought or the more you encabrono, perhaps something happens to him and then the other one does not like laughs.


simon and shaker freshness

Siempre nos habría gustado tener un Prophecy, un Trinity. En cualquier caso nunca vendemos nada, una vez lo hicimos con lapero al poco la volvimos a comprar risas. Los chavales ya tienen medios para hacer casi cualquier cosa y trabajar desde pequeños.


Hoy en día cualquiera puede tener un estudio en su casa freshnesss trabajar con un home studio o estudio de proyectos. What you think is the key to all this?

simon and shaker freshness

Muchisimas gracias a todos por el gran trabajo que realizais Ya lo teneis subido a la web! El primero y mas personal State Recordings, cuyas dos primeras referencias, Zero y Plan, fueron licenciadas por Electronic Elements el sub-sello mas prestigioso del Armada Music.

Simon & Shaker – Freshness (Original Radio Mix) by xhuoo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Powered by SMF 2. Whenever we would have liked to have one Prophecy, a Trinity. Con el editor de Logic tenemos bastante.

Yet we are not defined in any particular style, we use a pseudonym for everything so that people know what kind of product are going to find. How do you suppose that the producer freshnfss more important? They are very proud to announce our nominations this year for the Spanish Dance Awards En general preferimos usar hardware, suponemos que por costumbre. Today you can do almost anything with them. Pretty good, in terms of producers and there are many very good, Dimas, Chus, Ceballos, there are people in Barcelona that is doing freshnfss good things etc.


We express the most with one another.

simon and shaker freshness

Hay toda una carrera que se construye poco a poco. We have our ways of working and we realize that where one falls short and the other puts the shakdr. The speed to capitalize references depend sijon a world market. What styles of music you like? Inicio Ayuda Ingresar Registrarse. Although the style simkn we develop more and more we feel the house is identified. Technology evolves and gadgets for each is simple and has a great quality.

There is a race that is built slowly.

Simon & Shaker – Freshness Part I (Original Instrumental Mix) – Escuchar en Deezer

When we were in Móstoles had a PC with Logic. All this added to his weekly radio show on the station more powerful dance from Spain, Loca FM.

Over thirty published papers backing his experience, his continued success issue after issue, confirm their quality. More important is “connecting” with the interface with which you shakeg, that no barriers when you want to translate your idea.

Somos muy transparentes en nuestras shxker y queremos que salga siempre lo mejor.